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A Warm Welcome to our New Sales Director

09 Mar 2020
News, Appointment
Jonathan Somers welcomes new Sales Director Chris Hutchinson to the TCS team.

Chris joined the company on Monday 2nd March 2020 and is responsible for sales, developing customer and supply chain relationships and promoting the TCS and the TAP joint venture with Cougar Automation Ltd.

Chris was formerly an Account Manager for Siemens UK water team and has a demonstrated history working for Motor Control Centre and Control Panel manufacturers, he brings with him over 20 years of experience in the industry.

National Three Peaks Challenge

20 Nov 2019
Activity, Fundraising
A huge THANK YOU to all that sponsored us at TCS - With your help we raised £3117 for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.
#thankyou #airambulance

Simon Logan, our site services co-ordinator and one of the staff members to embark on this challenge has written/provided the article available below (PDF format) detailing the journey from his perspective.

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BSI 45001:2018 Accreditation

4 Apr 2019
News, Certification

We are pleased to announce that the company has achieved ISO 45001:2018 certification on the first attempt via the certification authority BSI. This completes the 3rd core compliance requirement set by the business, as we already held ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 though BSI.

How has this been achieved?
From September 2018 TCS invested in a program of employee awareness training for a number of staff to ensure the demands of the new standard was understood by all departments.

This level of engagement encouraged all employees to suggest changes in infrastructure and/or working to comply with the new standard requirements. We then set about updating our IMS (Integrated Management Systems) before the stage 1 initial audit and again before the final stage 2 audit compliance by BSI.

We are extremely happy to have passed stage 1 audit in January 2019 with the final certificate being issued by BSI during March 2019.

A summer of certification success!

18 Sep 2017
News, Certification
We are pleased to announce that the company has achieved significant 3rd party verification of our business systems & processes during summer 2017. These include:

  • Quality: We have achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification, upgraded from ISO 9001:2008
  • Environmental: We have achieved ISO 14001:2015 certification, upgraded from ISO 9001:2004
  • Health & Safety: We again have passed Achilles B2 certification & audit process with the overall score increasing from 98.67 to 99.25% since the last audit.

How has this been achieved?

The company’s Integrated Management System (IMS) was extensively upgraded by Paul Mountain (Technical Director) during the 12-months prior to his retirement in August this year. The new IMS structure and content was designed to follow the process map approach (which replaces individual operating procedures) to ensure compliance with the revised standards requirements. Preparation to comply with the pending ISO45001 standard for occupational health & safety is already in place.

The core of the new manual is based around ~50 process maps which define all aspects of the company structure, employee roles, management responsibility, health & safety, quality, environmental and system process’s. By moving away from operating procedures this allowed the core processes already used by TCS to be aligned to match the requirements of the new 2015 standards. The new process map structure calls upon the existing work instructions, registers, inspection procedures as required.

As the IMS is the key system within TCS for all aspects of our day-today business, the review included updates to all work instructions, inspection procedures, technical tables, problem knowledge databases, registers, software tools and much more.

TAP Win Minworth THP Plant For MWH Treatment

9 Mar 2017
News, Development
To start 2017 off with a bang, we were delighted to receive a signed contract from MWH Treatment Ltd for the delivery and installation of the Electrical control package for the Minworth STW THP plant.

This contract for Total Automation & power was over £1m and is planned to be built, installed and commissioned this year.

Minworth STW, is the largest sewage treatment works in the Severn Trent Water portfolio, and is responsible for treating the effluent from about 1.7 m people in the Birmingham area.

The new THP plant will increase the production of biomethane gas, currently being used for power generation on site of around 8MW, and increase the export of biomethane gas to the grid for home and business uses.

This should generate an increase in revenue to STW of around £100k per week.